Burundi Has Announced Resumption Of Football In The Country

Burundi announce resumption of football

Burundi Football Federation (BFF) has announced that domestic football season will be resuming on 21st May after a long period of a break due to the novel Coronavirus.

Other domestic football leagues in the continent remain paused or canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic but BFF is ready to restart their league cup competition immediately after the forthcoming 20th May general elections.

With three rounds of fixtures remaining, Le Messager sits on top of the league table, 4 points ahead of Musongati who have one game in hand to play.

BFF has also announced that the semi-finals and the final of the country’s domestic cup competition will be staged, with the final to be played on 13th June.

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Before the campaign was halted, fans who attended games in Burundi were screened temperature and their hands sprayed with a disinfectant at the entrance to game venues.

A number of African countries have already ended their domestic seasons due to coronavirus, including Ethiopia, Kenya, Angola, Mauritius,  Liberia, and Guinea but others hope to continue in the coming months.


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