Conman Wilkins Fadhili Odinga Exposed After Defrauding a Popular CEO

Wilkins Fadhili Odinga
Wilkins Fadhili Odinga

Suzie Wokabi, the founder and CEO of Kenyan cosmetics brand, Suzie Beauty has exposed Wilkins Fadhili Odinga For conning her.

In 2019, the notorious conman Wilkins Fadhili Odinga, popularly known as Wilkins came into limelight after conning a number of kenya celebrities as well as business owners.

He bosted to be the man behind the success of Larry Madowo, Usain Bolt, Suzzie Beauty, Cold Stone Creamery, Edith Kimani, Betty Kyalo’s Flair by Betty, Collins Injera and Executive Water’s Anerlisa Muigai.

Later his troubles started after he bragged on Twitter how he is working to position BBC Africa Business Editor, Larry Madowo, as a global brand.

However, Larry disowned the claims but also said he neither knows nor has he ever met Fadhili. The former NTV news anchor threatened to take legal action against hims. other celebrities and business owners he had listed also came up and denied that they had never worked with him.


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Conman Wilkins has also found himself in another con sindicate. On 17th Jan 2021, Suzie Wokabi, the founder of a cosmetics brand, Suzie Beauty, took to social media to warn the public against dealing with Wilkins.

Suzie revealed to the public that Wilkins Fadhili was her podcast manager, however he would occassionally disappear with her footages and use her name to get clients and for his own personal gain.

Wilkins Fadhili con Suzie Wokabi

Suzie also added that, majority of her brands were affected due to the Wilikins bad dealings and that she will take action against the con if he dares to use her name again. She added that she no longer works with him.

She also listed a number of local brands who Wilkins had conned which include; Aiko Jean Anyango, Trimio Official, Nick Mill Photography, Abbieyi Asachi, Mativo Matin, Andrea Turuke, Ian Tush, Papa Fathela among others.

“Hello all, this is a bit of a public service announcement. BEWARE of Wilkings Fadhili Odinga @wilkinsfadhili @wilkingspodcastnetwork @wilkingsstudiosagency , he has done it again and on behalf of everyone that he has messed up this time around, I feel that it is my responsibility to expose him. First off please note that he has nothing to do with any of my brands and if he dares use my name anywhere there will be consequences to pay. He was my podcast manager and has managed to disappear with a bunch of my footage that we shot and using my name to get clients etc. The list is long of others who he has done wrong to, these are some of them: @jean_aiko_, @official.tushian, @andreaturuke, @abbieyasachi, @mativo.martin, @nickmillphotography, @breeder_lw, @triomio_official” She wrote


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