Cristiano Ronaldo Slammed Over Secret Training During Coronavirus Lockdown

Cristiano Ronaldo
The Portuguese attacker was spotted training at a stadium in Madeira (Picture: Getty)

Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo has been criticized after he was pictured having a training session in a stadium in Madeira, Portugal during the Coronavirus lockdown period last week. Lazio chief, Arturo Diaconale

Juventus and Lazio are separated by just one point in the sere A competition. Inzaghi’s side has been forced to strictly stay indoors back in Italy but Cristiano Ronaldo who is currently in his hometown in Portugal was seen training at the Madeira national stadium.

Cristiano Ronaldo with his son training
Ronaldo and his son trained at the Estadio da Madeira on Thursday (Getty Images/Aspress/Global Imagens/Sipa USA)

Lazio director of Communications, Arturo Diaconale has criticized Ronaldo claiming that seems to be getting preferential treatment unlike other players who have been forced to stay indoors due to the novel Coronavirus.

“Lazio’s position has always been to return to playing football in a safe atmosphere. If the Prime Minister says that we can return to training after May 3, we will all start organizing for that,’ Diaconale told Radios. ‘But the impression I have is that there is some favoritism”.


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“I am referring to the clubs to which their players are allowed to travel abroad, who will now return and do a quarantine period to return to training at the same time as those of Lazio. ‘The difference is that we followed the rules and stayed at home, unlike others; I’ve seen videos from Portugal showing some marvelous images of Cristiano Ronaldo training out on a football pitch”.

“Others have been able to train in peace abroad without restrictions, while we are not allowed to do the same in Italy. ‘I’m not saying it’s wrong, because professional athletes have to keep in shape. I’m just saying that they were given the advantage of going outside during quarantine. But I don’t want to create more controversy.”

“Lazio deserves more respect. We constantly have things going against us.” He added