Diamond Platnumz To Build Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) Branch In Kenya

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

East Africa’s finest musician Diamond Platnumz has expressed his interest in opening build a branch of his record label, Wasafi in Kenya. The musician went public and confessed his love and admiration for Kenya.

Platnumz also said that Kenya is indeed a united country as compared to Tanzania and that Kenyan artists are so privileged to be living in such a country, Kenya

“Kenyans wanapendana sana. Wakati mwingine natamani ningekua nimezaliwa Kenya. Vitu tumefanya leo hapa Kenya, hamna kule Tanzania. (Kenyans love each other and sometimes I wish I was born in Kenya. The things we have done in Kenya today, we don’t have the same in Tanzania)” He said

He also added that Kenyan musicians should not take the golden opportunity they currently have but instead utilize the opportunity well.


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“Wasanii wengi kama Bahati, Willy Paul, Sauti Sol, Nyashinski wanafanya vitu vizuri sana. Wamebahatika, wavitumie. (Artistes like Bahati, Willy Paul, Sauti Sol, Nyashinski are doing a good job. They are lucky, they should fully utilize the opportunities)”

In another statement, the Tanzania sensation also disclosed that he wishes he would have been born in Kenya.

“I’m sure mimi ningekuwa nakaa Kenya kuna vitu vingi ningefanya. (I’m sure if I was living in Kenya, I would have done a lot)” He added

“I have a land in Kenya now. I am trying to see if I can build a proper branch for WCB Wasafi here”.

He thanked Kenyan musicians and the entire Kenyan music industry because of the unwavering support and efforts to bring change to the East African community.

“Nashukuru sana. Nawashukuru sana wasanii wa Kenya, industry nzima ya Kenya. Sikua nafanya pale kwa sababu mimi ni Diamond. Ila kwa sababu sisi ni East Africa. (I thank Kenyan artistes, the entire music industry. I did not do projects because of myself, but because we are East Africa) Let’s keep supporting each other. Let’s take the east African music to the world”.

Watch his interview here


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