Free Top Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs

Mobile apps

There is no doubt that every entrepreneur out there needs to be organized at all times due to hundreds of tasks that need to be accomplished each day. has outlined five key apps that a serious entrepreneur ought to have to help him find the balance he/she needs each day.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics app can be accessed from any device ranging from a computer, a mobile phone, or a tablet. The basic version of the Google Analytics app is absolutely free. Google Analytics App is a web metric app that measures the success of a business project. It will help you to know if a specific project you have invested in has added value or not. It will basically track and report website traffic.

This app will allow you to monitor your business project data in real-time, evaluate your performance metrics, and builds important reports alongside many more other awesome features.

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Whether as a startup or an accomplished entrepreneur, you need to be able to manage your daily tasks and teams on a single platform. Trello stands out as a good visual tool which can help you organize your work and life

As a free mobile app, it gives you the option of categorizing your tasks according to priority, timeline, and the activities. This app also helps you to assign tasks to team members, individually and even set specific deadlines. With this great app, you will be able to manage all your work with ease.


Evernote comes in a free version and is available on both android and apple devices. Evernote is very instrumental in managing documents, research, notes, and more. Many people for capturing ideas, thoughts, and information on the go.

It will allow you to search and access information from weeks, months, or years ago after having stored there. The app also has reminders, dates, and to-do lists that can help you accomplish your specific task on time.


Slask is a free app available on android and apple devices. Slack tool provides instant communication and messaging from end to end, it’s basically best suited for quick decision making and reports sharing.

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This app enables you to create public and private channels where you share relevant documents and information. The app enables you to organize these channels based on specific projects, events, teams, meeting among other good options.


Airtable comes both in free and premium plans available on both android and apple devices. It is perfect for project management. It is important for organizing and collaborating complex projects with your team. It also allows you to embed media files directly and gather information about your current projects from multiple sources into one commonplace.