Gospel artist Kevin Kioko aka Bahati has officially shut down his record label, Eastlands MMost Beloved (EMB). He explains that trolls, the hate, the backbiting have seen him close the business and venture into something different.

The Mama hit-make laments that started EMB majorly to give support gospel artistes and spread the word of God to the people. Unfortunately, the same artists he helped, have come to fight him.


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Speaking on his YouTube channel, Bahati expressed deep sorrow of the ills of the gospel industry, especially in the last 2 years.

He retaliates that when his haters felt that the backlash he was receiving was not ‘enough’ they decided to take it a step further and instead launch attacks on his beloved wife, Diana Marua.

Bahati EMB

“So today, I made one of the toughest decisions. And… that is…I am closing down the EMB record label. This means I am officially terminating all the contracts I had with artistes and that is Weezdom, Denno and other new artists that I was to support in 2020”. He said

“What is the point of doing Ministry, while the same Ministry is being translated wrongly always, leaving you with a bad name. Is there any need to do this? Honestly speaking, in the last 2 years in Kenya, I have become one of the most talked-about artists, receiving all the hate. But what is the need of receiving hate from the people I have supported from scratch”

“The gospel industry is not doing good. That’s why Willy Paul alituhepa. Gengetone itatake over kabisa because they are united”.

“As for Bahati, guys from now henceforth, I will not be signing any artist. Maybe 2021/22 when God gives me the grace. For now, I will be doing an official launch of Bahati Tena Foundation that will be dealing with street kids and orphans and it will be up and running soon. My biggest vision is to take as many street kids as possible, back to school. That’s my new ministry”


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