Jalang’o To Sponsor Comedian Paul Wakimani In His University Education

Jalang'o to sponsr Paul Wakimani University Education

Kiss FM radio presenter, Jalang’o has pledged that he will sponsor comedian Wakimani to join Daystar University so that he can fulfill his dreams of pursuing higher education.

However, Jalong’o retaliated that, he will only pay for his registration and first-year fee and encouraged Wakimani to hustle his way out and pay the remainder of the fee.

During an interview with Jalang’o on 29th July, Wakimani said that his dream was to pursue Finance at the university level but he lacked the money to facilitate the process.

“I wanted to go back to school and pursue journalism. All I know is that I want to go to university but I do not have the money. I would really appreciate any support, sponsor or a loan that I can pay later,” Wakimani said.
Paul Wakimani education
Paul Wakimani
Jalang’o was inspired by Wakimani’s desire to pursue higher education and promised he will sponsor him through his first year at Daystar University.
“What I want to promise you is that in the next intake, I will pay for your registration and the first year. The rest of the coursework you will have to hustle for it. Work during the day and go to class in the evening,” Jalang’o said.


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