Jowie Has Revealed That He Broke Up With Jacque Maribe When He Was In Jail

Jowie Has Revealed That He Broke Up With Jacque Maribe When He Was In Jail
Jowie Irungu

Joseph Irungu aka Jowie has revealed that his relationship with media personality Jacque Maribe ended when they were both in Prison.

Jowie revealed this while speaking to Jalong’o on his famous YouTube Show, Bonga Na Jalas. The then love birds had both been charged for the offense of murder of a business lady, Monicah Kimani.

When Jalang’o asked him whether he is still in touch with Jacque Maribe, Jowie responded,

“I decide not to (keep in touch) as in ile tuu we broke up while I was still inside, we talked and let this go”



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Like a Phoenix, we rise from the ashes!!

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“Being content is the best thing for me, nothing moved because I have my Jah in me. I even tell my family, I know munaweza niacha but there is one person who cannot leave me and that is God.”

“Whatever trash you are doing it be it as an anchor or musician, whatever it is, as long as you include God in every step you are making, you are not making it alone. I’m so content we (Me and Jacque) don’t talk, only check-up once in a blue moon.” he said

When asked whether he has friends or not, he said,

“To me, I believe I don’t have friends and I am okay with that. I just have a family. I don’t believe that there are friends in this world. We human being lie to each other. It is only family or no family. All my friends let me down. Only my family stood by me. Mambo na friendship, hiyo ni kizungu ilikam na missionaries ama tulisoma shule I think.”


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