Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo has left for Italy together with his family after almost two months on his native Island in Madeira.

Ronaldo boarded his private jet on Monday evening alongside his wife and Georgina Rodriguez and their four children. The expensive private jet Madeira Portugal just after 6 pm local time and landed in Turin, Italy on Monday evening.

Before resuming training and joining the rest of the team members, Juventus has ordered the 35-year-old will be in self-isolation for 14 days as Serie A is expected to resume soon thereafter.

Cristiano Ronaldo with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez
Cristiano Ronaldo with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez

Cristiano has been in Madeira since March 9 with his family, the longest stay he has enjoyed there since he became a professional footballer.


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He made an initial 24-hour trip back to his native island after Dolores’ March 3 stroke to see her in the hospital before returning with his four children and Georgina just under a week later ahead of the suspension of Serie A football.

On Saturday he did some sightseeing with his partner and son Cristiano Ronaldo Jr after a string of punishing workouts which he has been treating fans to glimpses of on Instagram.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo with his family

Cristiano and his family spent most of their time in Madeira at a £3,500-a-week rented mansion with a garden and pool near the fishing village of Canical.

They moved there from the seven-story apartment block in the capital Funchal half an hour’s drive away which he bought last year.

His mum Dolores and brother Hugo and his family live on lower floors of the apartment block.



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