Reprieve at last as Kenyan government approves the operation, use, and drone ownership. The Civil Aviation Regulations Regulations Act, 2019 has finally been approved. This implies that, Kenyans can now own, use and operate drones without the fear of breaking the law.

The approval of drones is extremely essential to businesses and/or individuals who venture into photography, videography to generate content that could see them boost their business. Drones are also fundamental in mapping, investigations as well as in rescue missions:

  • Those intending to own and operate drones must be fully aware of the following key licensing and registration considerations.
  • Terrorism and organized crime activities
  • The national security of the state
  • Risk of public safety as well as the intensional diversion of drones to illegal and/or unauthorized end-user activities.
  • If the application is subject of investigation in a civil or criminal case related to national security


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For you to own a drone, you must be a Kenya citizen ag at least 18 years and above, you must also have a company registered in Kenya. The national government and County government are also eligible to own drones.

In case the owner of a drone(s) wants to transfer ownership to another person or company, he must, first of all, seek approval from Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA). Users of drones can also apply for a temporary permit which is valid for 30 days only.

In case you want to import or export drones, you must also seek approval from KCAA because it’s the only agency mandated to register or deregister the device.

If you intend to use drones for commercial purposes you will be required to apply for Remote Aircraft Operators Certificate (ROC) from KCAA.

Drone licenses can be revoked or canceled if you violate regulations, requirement and conditions provided.