Maureen Waititu Has Blasted Ex-hubby, Frankie For Not Providing His Kids

Maureen Waititu Has Blasted Ex-hubby, Frankie For Not Providing His Kids
Maureen Waititu With Her Kids

Maureen Waititu has claimed that Frankie is not providing for his kids and that the reason why she has not allowed him to see his kids.

The mother of two went further and provided some evidence that she was indeed the victim of the situations. The YouTuber went ahead and disclosed that she tried so hard to protect Frankie and gave him a chance to become a better father but he failed.

On her Instagram page, Maureen alleged that Frankie disrespected her and even went further and threatened not to support her financially,

“He called me on Tuesday, August 26, and he specifically told me, ‘I will no longer be sending this money since I cannot see my kids as often as I want to.’ I asked him, ‘So I asked you for structure and would not let you walk all over me and these kids, your solution is not to upkeep?’ True enough he never sent any money till now,” she said.
Maureen also alleged that Frankie eventually kicked her out of his mother’s house and thereafter, her son got ill due to food poisoning and she had to pay Ksh 78,000 for treatment but unfortunately the fitness trainer did not help her pay the bill.
“I put a deposit of KSh 102,150 for my son to be admitted. I was like do I even tell him but I did because it was an important matter. Frankie showed up at the hospital at around 9 am, empty-handed and sat there and till now he’s never asked if the bill was enough, did we clear the hospital bill,” she lamented.


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