Musician Otile Brown Has Been Accused Of Stealing Beats For His New Song ‘Vibaya’

Otile Brown
Otile Brown

Controversial Kenyan R&B sensation, Otile Brown is at the center of controversy again, this time around he has been accused of stealing music beats for his new jam dubbed ‘Vibaya’

The Vibaya video was produced by Vickypondis and directed by Deskatores, however, it is not yet up. It is not YouTube since it has been deleted.


So, a Kenyan renowned music producer, Makoy has emerged to accuse Otile of allegedly stealing his beats without even accrediting him. So sad!

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Makoy took to his Instagram account to accuse Otile of sampling his beats via his producer Vickypondis and he did not even pay even a single cent.

“I’m shocked this guy @otilebrown samples my beats, 2 of them. Now the latest jam #vibaya one of the two beats he produced using this guy Myambo @vickypondis.”

“@vickypondis_producer @otilebrown, so you guys decided kusample beat yangu hapo blue ink ndio mcheze chini ya maji😆😆😆. Najua io dancehall ilikua hard kusample mkaamua kusample something cheap 😁😁👐👐,,,,pending!!!!!!!”

“I spend my time in the studio making beats to earn. @otilebrown you stole my beat to make money instead of paying for it”

Otile Brown Video “Vibaya” Pulled Down

Makoy has since deleted the vibaya video from Youtube claiming that the will be up again as soon as Otile pays for the beats.”

“Vibaya song by @otilebrown is no more on YouTube. Nimeitoa mimi mwenyewe nitairudisha if only my beat is paid for. Afike bei” Makoy said on his Instagram account.

Otile video deleted removed from Youtube


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