Apparently things are thick and messy with Murayas after a lady that DJ Mo has been cheating on Size 8 with spills beans by sharing some details regarding their secrete relationship.

According to a popular Kenyan blogger, Edgar Obare, DJ Mo has been cheating on Size 8 with a side chick since 2016. The alleged lady revealed that, she met the DJ back in 2016 and that they have been having a love affair. It is unfortunate that during this time DJ Mo and Size 8 were already married and had children.


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Ruthless Obare went ahead and shared screenshots of DJ Mo and the alleged lady chatting to prove his point.

DJ Mo on a video call with the alleged side chick
DJ Mo on a video call with the alleged side chick

Mee The Alleged DJ Mo’s Side Chick

Truth be said, Obare’s expose will definitely hurt the Muraya’s family and this might just be the end of everything between DJ Mo and Size 8.

As per screenshots shared by Edgar Obare, the side chick also revealed that she knew very well that, DJ Mo was married. She even went ahead and shared some of her photos while on a video call with Size 8’s husband.

DJ Mo and Side chick
Alleged DJ Mo’s Side chick

The past few weeks have been a showdown between Size 8 and DJ Mo. We saw at one point duo engaging and quarreling in public and also Size 8 unfollowing DJ Mo on Instagram




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