Safaricom Enhances Security For SIM Cards. New Feature Alerts You When Someone Tries To Register A Line Using Your ID

Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa
Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa. Photo\Courtesy

Leading communications company in Kenya, Safaricom has some good news for subscribers after it introduced a new feature that will alert you when someone tries to register a line using their National Identification Number (ID)

This is a good move aimed at curbing numerous criminal activities that have been evident in several parts of the country.

With this new feature, when someone tries to register another line using your National ID, you will receive a notification immediately via number, 707. If it is not you who is registering the SIM card, then you reply with ‘NO‘, However, if it is you registering another Line, then you will reply with ‘YES

Safaricom new feature

“Introducing the new security feature that alerts via SMS whenever someone tries to register a line using your National ID. Put a top to fraud” the company announced.

In the recent past, there have been increased cases of fraud where criminals use other people’s National ID details probably collected from Mpesa agents to defraud innocent Kenyans. This latest development from Safaricom will protect the customers from being conned and defrauded.


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Yesterday, The Directorate of Criminal Investigations arrested three electronic fraud suspects namely Ian Kinanga, Jefferson Bosire both University Students and Kevin Oroko a Software Developer at a Local Bank where 400 hundred SIM cards, 8 national ID cards, 2 laptops & 4 mobile phones were recovered from them. The suspects were arrested at Juja town.

The DCI thanked members of the public for availing information that led to the arrest of the three suspects.

Lines, SIM Cards and Laptops revoered from suspects
SIM Cards & Laptops Recovered From Suspects

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has informed Kenyans to be aware of the ongoing online fraud and urged them to be extra careful and report any suspected criminal activities to the nearest police station.


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