Tanzania Opposition Heavyweight Tundu Lissu Returns After Three Years In Exile

Tundu Lissu retun from Exile in Belgium
Tundu Lissu. Photo\Courtesy

Tanzania’s opposition figure Tundu Antiphas Mughwai Lissu has finally returned home after three years in Exile. In 2017, Lissu sustained serious injuries after he was shot 16 times in an attack.

The outspoken politician has retaliated that he intends to contest in Tanzania’s October presidential elections.

The opposition hopeful returned from exile in Belgium where he underwent treatment after he was shot multiple times three years ago.

Lissu a former politician with Chadema party was welcomed by hundreds of his ardent supporters who surrounded his car on Monday.


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As a strong critic of President Magufuli, Lisu was shot 16 times by unknown assailants in Dodoma back in September 2017. After the incident, Magufuli condemned the act and ordered security agencies to investigate the matter and as we speak right now, no one has been arrested.

Tundu Lissu shot and injured
Injured Tundu Lissu, 2017

Lissu was arrested in a record of 8 times in the year and he was charged with incitement among other offenses,. His most recent arrest of in August 2017, two weeks before he was attacked.

Tanzania will hold general elections on 28th October 2020.

The outspoken politician return comes as Chadema party considers fronting him as a single candidate to challenge President Magufuli, who is seeking a second five-year term.

Lissu told AFP that he was “going back home to try and fight for the presidency”.

“Whether we are going to have free and fair elections, that is not the question, we don’t expect that. The issue is … are we going to have our lives by the end of the electoral process?”

“The biggest thing has been the untold suffering. Killings of political leaders, attacks on political leaders, abductions, disappearances, torture, illegal prosecution of opposition leaders and activists in courts of law, with trumped-up charges.”


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