United States of America Vice President Mike Pence shocked many when he visited Mayo Clinic on Tuesday without wearing required protective garments including a face mask despite requirements at the facility stipulates that all patients and visitors must wear face masks to help combat COVID-19 which is caused by Coronavirus.

Mayo Clinic masking Policy reads that,

“Patients and visitors are asked to bring their own face covering or mask to wear. If a patient or visitor does not have a mask, Mayo Clinic will provide one,”

According to TIME magazine, Mayo Clinic had shared the masking policy with the VP’s office.


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Mayo Clinic is located in Rochester, Minn, and it is one of the leading Coronavirus research centers. Pence currently chairs the White House’s Coronavirus task force and he was visiting the center to learn more about the “moon shot” testing program which is aiming to increase testing capacity in Minnesota to 20,000 tests per day.

The video below shows at least ten people including COVID-19 patients wearing face masks except for Pence. However Pence reportedly avoided shaking of hands, instead, he chose bump elbow greetings

CNN reports that Pence was, in fact, the only person in the entire building not wearing a mask. His tour group also appears to not have been standing the recommended 6 feet apart.

So far, a total of 1,035,454 Coronavirus cases have been reported in the United State of America as of 29th April 2020, with 142,162 recoveries and 59,252 deaths.


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