US Issues New Health Advisory Alert On Tanzania Due To COVID-19 Pandemic

coronavirus in South Africa

United States of America (USA) has issued a new health advisory to its citizens based in Tanzania due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Tuesday, 2nd, the US Embassy Tanzania released a statement warning that the risk of contracting COVID-19 disease is even higher now in Dar Es Salaam and other parts of Tanzania.

The embassy has recommended that U.S. government personnel and their families should reduce movement outside their home except for essential activities and they should also limit the number of visitors entering their homes.

Ubalozi wa Marekani Nchini Tanzania

Healthcare facilities in Tanzania can become quickly overwhelmed in a healthcare crisis. There have been instances during the COVID-19 outbreak when hospitals in Dar es Salaam reached full capacity due to the high volume of COVID-19 cases. Limited hospital capacity throughout Tanzania could result in life-threatening delays for emergency medical care. The statement read.

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The government of Tanzania lifted the suspension on international flights to Tanzania and several airlines have scheduled international flights beginning June 2020.

The U.S. has criticized Tanzania government for not having released aggregated numbers on COVID-19 cases or deaths since April 29 hence making it even more difficult to provide specific guidance for U.S. citizens living in Tanzania.

Schools in Tanzania resumed on the 1st of June and sporting activities have also been allowed to continue as usual. President Magufuli has also said that the tourism sector will also resume soon


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